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Do-It-Yourself Roasting

Roasting Pig: Call or Email for pricing

Roaster Rental: $80




$375 & up: This includes the pork, the pans, and us cooking the pork. We roast the pork at the farm, and you pick it up in aluminum pans the day of your party.  This is great for people who would like to save a little bit of money and still get the great taste of a roasted pig!  Meat will be kept hot for pick-up!  You can also add on a tray of 30 pieces of chicken for $30.



$550 & up: This includes the pig (160 live weight, enough for 100 people), processing, us cooking the pig, and then delivering it.  We roast the pig here at the farm for most of the day.  We will arrive at your party about an hour before you would like to eat, to cut up the pig.  This is good for people who want the whole pig there for people to see.  You can also add on a tray of 30 pieces of chicken for $30.

**When ordering, figure about 1.5lbs. per person 


$600 & up Includes: Everything in “Pick-up” package, PLUS 5 salads!
$775 & up Includes: Everything in “Delivery” package, PLUS 5 salads!

For each of the above packages, you may pick 3 from the “Standard” section and 2 from the “Choice” section.  If you would like any from the Premier section, there will be an additional charge.  Salads are offered in 10 lb and 15 lb packages ONLY!  The list is as following with which salads come in 10 lb or 15 lb.

EXTRA SALADS AVAILABLE  - $40 each for “Standard” Salads, $50 each for “Choice” Salads, & $60 for “Premier”Salads! 
**When ordering, figure about 1.5lbs. per person




Extra things we offer w/ Roasting


15 # packages

Potato Salad

Mustard Potato Salad

Cole Slaw

Macaroni Salad


10 # packages

Dill Red Skin Potato Salad

Cucumber Salad

Vegetable Pasta Salad

Bean Vegetable



15 # packages

German Potato Salad

Red Skin Potato Salad

Beet & Onion Salad

Four Bean Salad

Baked Beans

Spaghetti Salad

Jack’s Potato Salad


10 # packages

Summer Salad

Greek Pasta

Pasta Caesar

15 # packages

Seafood Pasta Salad

Tomato & Onion Salad


10 # packages

Tuna Vegetable Salad
Imitation Crab Salad
Very Berry Strawberry
Chocolate Chunky Salad


  • Potatoes -> $0.75/person.
  • Corn -> $0.75/person.
  • Whole Chickens -> $10 each
  • Turkey Breast -> $25 each
  • Beef Round -> $5.00/lb.
  • Added pulled pork added for extra charge.
  • Lamb -> Call for pricing


Purchase a hot pan of pork for approximately 40 people, for just $135!