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You've raised your porker from a piglet, and now it's time to cash in on your hard work. Get in touch with the professionals at Brower Farms Meat Processing. We can process your animal into quality cuts of meat.

All of our custom processing is packaged to your specifications. Your meat will be wrapped twice, fist with plastic, second with a wax-lined freezer paper to ensure everything stays fresh! We affix all packages with a label that lists the product name, weight, and date of packaging. Trust us to provide you with an exceptional finished product. Call 810-688-4540 to schedule custom processing services.

Beef Processing

$70.00 cleaning fee
$20.00 Environmental fee
$.75/lb ½ or whole beef
$.80/lb ¼ beef
*all prices are based on hanging weight

Pork Processing

$40.00 cleaning fee
$10.00 Environmental fee
$.75/lb whole pig
$.80/lb ½ pig (Based on Hanging Weight)
$1.10/lb smoked meat
All sausage ranges from $0.50-$2.00/lb

Flavors include: Regular, Bratwurst, Old Kentucky, Polish, Italian & Maple
$.50/lb additional charge for Maple

Lamb & Goat Processing

$100-$140 flat fee
Includes all cleaning and wrapping

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poultry processed?

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custom processing
custom processing