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You've raised your porker from a piglet, and now it's time to cash in on your hard work. Get in touch with the professionals at Brower Farms Meat Processing. We can process your animal into quality cuts of meat.

You can also visit us to process your deer or other wild game. We can process your deer into jerky or sausage. Trust us to provide you with an exceptional finished product. Call 810-688-4540 to schedule custom processing services.

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Don't have your own cow? Don't worry! We have mixed breed for $3.00/lb or Black Angus for $3.25/lb. These prices are based on hanging weight which includes the cutting and wrapping. You can also get half a cow, that will be approximately 300-350lbs. Got your own cow? It is $60 kill fee and then $0.50/lb hanging weight for cut and wrap. Quarter beef is $0.55/lb cut and wrap.

Need a pig? We have freezer pigs that are approximately 240 lbs. These pigs are $320 excluding smoked meat (there is an extra charge for smoked meat). The price includes the pig and processing. If you have your own pig, it is a $40 kill fee and then $0.50/lb hanging weight for cutting and wrapping for a whole pig. Half a pig is $0.55/lb. To get any smoked meat it is $0.90/lb. If you want Brat-like sausage, it is $1.00/lb and breakfast links are $1.50/lb. There is a $0.50/lb charge for maple sausage.

Goats or lambs cut and wrapped are a flat fee of $80 for kill and processing.

Deer processing is $90 for standard cut. A cape mount it is $25 but you must pick it up and take it to a taxidermist. Venison Smoked meat prices are subject to change.

Brower Farms
Venison Smoked Meat Price List 2019

Summer Sausage
(3lbs of venison for 4lbs of sticks)
Hickory stick $14.00/stick
Regular Summer Sausage $14.00/stick
Cheesy Summer Sausage $16.00/stick
Cheesy Jalapeno Summer Sausage $16.00/stick
6 ln. Old Fashion Summer Sausage (Cheese Cloth) $21.00/stick

Snacks, Sticks, & Brats
(4 lbs. venison for 5 lbs. bag)
Pepper Sticks $28.00/bag
BBQ Snack Sticks $28.00/bag
Cheesy Jalapeno Pepper Sticks $30.00/bag
Smoked Brats $22.00/bag
Cheesy Jalapeno Smoked Brats $25.00/bag
Hunter Twigg $28.00/bag

Extra charge for Extra Hot - $1.00 per stick of summer sausage or per bag

$8.00/lb wet weight
Finished product is 1/2 of Wet Weight
Regular or Sweet/Spicy

Smoked Venison Ham

Uncle Fred's Homemade Hot Dogs