Dropping off a deer?

Make sure you have the following!

Driver's License
The tag number (Underlined number on the tag, usually begins with a 1)
The confirmation number from your DNR check-in
Be sure to take a photo of your cutting card after it has been filled out so you have the reference number!

Whether you just harvested that monster buck or you finally shot that black bear in the U.P., Browers is the place to be! We are happy to offer custom processing of Deer, Elk, Buffalo and Bear. As always your meat will be double wrapped, labeled with product name, weight and date of packaging.

Drop off for your game is available 7 days a week. Extended drop off hours during deer season. Brower Farms does accept deer year round from car accidents or block permits.

Deer Processing


Cape Mount $30.00

Summer Sausage

3lbs of venison for 4 lbs of sticks

Hickory stick- $16.00/stick
Regular Summer Sausage-$16.00/stick
Cheesy Summer Sausage-$18.00/stick
Cheesy Jalapeño Summer Sausage- $18.00/stick
6 lb. Old Fashion Summer Sausage (Cheese Cloth)- $24.00/stick

Snack Sticks & Brats

4 Ibs. venison for 5 lbs. bag

Pepper Stick- $30.00/bag
BBQ Snack Sticks- $30.00/bag
Cheesy Snack Sticks - $32.00/bag
Cheesy Jalapeño Snack Sticks- $32.00/bag
Smoked Brats- $22.00/bag
Cheesy-Jalapeño Smoked Brats- $26.00/bag
Extra Charge for Extra Hot $1.00 per stick of summer sausage or per bag


$8.00/lb wet weight
Finished product is 1/2 of Wet Weight
Regular or Sweet/Spicy

Smoked Venison Ham


Uncle Fred's Homemade Hot Dogs

*All venison smoked meat prices subject to change

Other Wild Game

Elk Processing $150.00
Bear Processing $90-$150
*price depends on size
Buffalo Processing $.55/lb
Skinning Fee $60.00

wild game processing
wild game processing